Frigidaire FFFC16M5QW Freezer Review

Nice and chilly—but with a few warm spots.

$649.00 MSRP
Credit: / Matthew Zahnzinger
5.9 score Tested by Experts
  • The Frigidaire FFFC16M5QW is better than 11% of the freezers we tested.
  • It is better than 0% of the freezers we have tested under $700.
  • It is better than 0% of the chest freezers we have tested.

The Frigidaire FFFC16M5QW (MSRP $649) is quite a large chest freezer. 15.6 cubic feet is enough storage for anyone from wholesale shoppers to hunters.

However, while the FFFC16M5QW's size may be impressive, its overall freezing ability left us cold. During our tests, the freezer displayed ideal temperatures almost everywhere.

The key word here is "almost." We measured a few hot spots that got warmer than 0ºF, and food stored there would be susceptible to freezer burn. That keeps us from giving the FFFC16M5QW our unqualified recommendation.

Design & Features

Big and basic

Like most chest freezers, this Frigidaire is sturdy and simple. The white textured finish is par for the course: tough to get dirty, easy to clean, with a neutral tone that'll fit in anywhere you put it.

Frigidaire FFFC16M5QW Front
Credit: / Matthew Zahnzinger
A basic chest freezer of moderate size. View Larger

There’s a door lock located by the handle, but you won’t have to worry about accidental openings. The wide door is well balanced, and shuts with a definite "thud" unless its obstructed.

Inside, things are pared down. Aside from the low shelf on the side, which blocks off the condenser, a lone sliding bucket is the only organizational feature included. This model comes with two sets of color-coordinated clips for the bucket's handles, but presumably you’d have to purchase another bin separately to make use of the second set.


Performance & Usability

Cold, but some inconsistencies

Frigidaire FFFC16M5QW Controls
Credit: / Matthew Zahnzinger
The recommended setting is cold enough, but you may want to turn it down in order to compensate for temperature shifts. View Larger

Sometimes, our tests show the so-called "recommended" settings on certain fridge and freezer thermostats aren't quite cold enough. Not so with the FFFC16M5QW: Average temperatures in this freezer were definitely chilly, hovering around -6°F.

Pretty great, right? Well, unfortunately, a few warm spots got well above 0ºF—a key factor in the development of freezer burn. The closer you store food to the top, the warmer the temperatures get. Temperatures also fluctuated a bit over time—not a problem at the bottom of the freezer since the numbers we measured down there were far below zero, but it is an issue for the already-warm top.

Like most chest freezers, this model requires a manual defrost from time to time. Check the owner's manual for helpful tips on how to do this safely.

For in-depth performance information, please visit the Science Page

Frigidaire FFFC16M5QW Drain
Credit: / Matthew Zahnzinger
This small spout is used to drain water out through another opening in the front of the freezer. View Larger

Comparable Products

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A Big Ol' Ice Box

A plain freezer with a few minor issues

At the end of the day, the Frigidaire FFFC16M5QW is a big box that keeps your food frozen—and as a freezer, that's what it should be. It may not be as consistent as some other chest freezers, or as easy to organize, but it still does exactly what it was designed to do. Plus, it's extremely spacious, and with retail prices hovering around $540, that's a lot of bang for your buck. Just make sure to keep the foods you intend to store for a longer time towards the bottom.

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