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Midnight scoop hero 2

New Scoop Makes Easy Work of Hard Ice Cream

Anything can be improved through Kickstarter—even your ice cream scoop.

Victoria sundae hero

The World's Most Over-the-Top Ice Cream Sundae Costs $1K

Conspicuous consumption for the sweet tooth set

Ge hero

After Sale to Electrolux, a Look Back at GE Appliances

The history of GE Appliance is the history of 20th century America

Kickball ice cream maker hero

Ice Cream! Ice Cream! We All Scream For... Kickball?

And now, a rubber ball that doubles as an ice cream maker.

Artistry hero

Who Else Could Have Bought GE Appliance?

Electrolux acquired GE this morning. Which companies missed out?

Jobs hero 3

What Will the Sale of GE Appliance Mean for Jobs?

The impact on employment may not be known for quite some time, as deal moves into the hands of regulators

Electrolux oven factory tour 32

Electrolux, GE Deal Marks Industry Consolidation

Appliance companies are getting bigger and going global.