Kenmore 16542 Freezer Review

Basic and functional

$569.99 MSRP
8.0 score Tested by Experts
  • The Kenmore 16542 is better than 47% of the freezers we tested.
  • It is one of five freezers we have tested under $600.
  • It is better than 33% of the chest freezers we have tested.

The 14.8-cubic-foot Kenmore 16542 (MSRP $569.99) is about as basic a freezer as you can get. It's a chest freezer with manual defrost—ideal for storing meat over a long period of time, but not as an upright models.

But in addition to those bare bones, plastic buckets and barriers give users some control over how they store frozen foods. Most importantly, our tests showed this Kenmore kept foods cold over time.

Kenmore 16542 Chest Freezer
This white chest freezer is remarkably average in both size and performance. View Larger

Design & Features

Kenmore 16542 Interior Drain
A small drain is found inside the freezer near the front right corner. View Larger

Back to basics

Some appliances get added personality with a dash of color or an interesting control panel. Not so with this Kenmore. It's white plastic everywhere, inside and out.

That's not because it's ugly—it's for function's sake. You can wash out the interior, and the glossy, textured exterior is easy to sponge off. A protruding handle—complete with a tiny indicator light to let you know the freezer is running—makes opening the door effortless.

The only features to speak of are an external door lock and a rather dim light bulb that won’t do a whole lot to brighten up your food. This is a manual-defrost product—the drain is located on the bottom right—so be prepared to thaw this out every few months if you want to run it by the book.



Dividing lines

Looks aren't important in a chest freezer, but organization is. Kenmore put two sliding buckets up top, while interlinking plastic dividers break up the main storage space. You can get up to five distinct zones of varying widths—make them relatively symmetrical, or divide them up to fit what you typically freeze. Buy 20 packages of frozen chicken but only three of pork? Make one area wider than the other to accommodate that. If you're freezing one large item, all those dividers are easy to remove.

Since this is a manual defrost model, you’ll probably want to regularly de-ice it. The internal drain is found near the front right corner, with an external drain that will also have to be unplugged. Check out the user manual for defrosting tips.

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Cold but erratic

The control knob is found on the outside and uses a 0-7 point scale. Per the manufacturer's instructions, we set it to 4, which resulted in wonderfully cold temperatures. We did find some temperature fluctuation, but if you crank down the thermostat you shouldn't have to worry about freezer burn.

Kenmore 16542 Controls
A standard dial thermostat is found near the bottom of the freezer on its left side. View Larger

Low Brow Bargains

A basic box for freezing things

This Kenmore chest freezer isn’t idiot-proof—you still have to deal with defrosting it—but it comes pretty close. A moderate size, affordable pricetag, and customizable interior make it a good utility player.

If you’re looking for a basic freezer that doesn’t need to match the capacity of your local Costco, it could be a good fit—especially if you wait for a sale. Prices drop to $430 for this Sears-only product.

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